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Paris Night Clubs – The Party Never Stops!

Paris Night Clubs – The Party Never Stops!

Exotic Nightlife of The City of Lights – Paris Night Clubs

Paris Night Clubs – The French capital is known for its beauty and the iconic Eiffel Tower, but the nightlife of the city makes it one of the most visited cities in the world.  In Paris, you will find a number of amazing nightclubs that will bring out your party animal. From renowned DJs to funky dance floors, these clubs have it all. With such a good arsenal of nightclubs, it is no surprise that the party never stops in Paris. The increasing popularity of the nightclubs in Paris can be seen from the fact that almost most of them are sold out every weekend. In this article, we will list down the finest clubs in Paris where you can go with your escort woman and have the party of your lifetime.

The Best Paris Night Clubs

La Java – 20:00

Located in the basement of the renowned Le Palais du Commerce shopping center in the 10th borough of Paris, this nightclub is the real deal when it comes to partying in the French capital. It is held in high regard in the nightlife circuit of the city as the clubs aim to bring up upcoming talented artists. La Java is also famous among the LGBTQ community as it regularly hosts evening events for the community to enjoy. – Paris Night Clubs

The Rex Club – Paris Night Clubs

The Rex Club is located next to the eponymous cinema on the Grands Boulevards. Thanks to avant-garde programming, this club has been a temple of Parisian nights for over 20 years! If you have a taste for electro, techno, or deep house, this nightclub is for you. Imagine the electro beats popping while you drink and dance away to the electrifying atmosphere. – Paris Night Clubs

Badaboum – Paris Night Clubs

Located in the 11th arrondissement, in Bastille, this former concert hall was divided into several rooms with distinct and unique atmospheres. The clubs boasts one of the finest sound system of the city as well as its cocktail bar and tapas. You are in for a real treat if you are a lover of house or trap genre.

Djoon – Paris Night Clubs

Djoon, situated near the Seine, is one of the famous clubs of Paris because it has hosted numerous international stars such as welcoming many international stars including Kerri Chandler and Lil’ Louis. Afro-house sounds are the heartbeats of this club and the club also raises awareness about Afro-house.

Faust – Paris Night Clubs

Known for its beautiful interior, Faust has become very popular among the party lovers as it offers diverse experiences of fashion shows, bands, and live performances. This unique ability makes it the perfect spot for all types of people as it has nearly everything to entertain its guests.


The garage will provide you everything to make your night epic. The club is a perfect blend of an amazing sound system, distinct line-ups, and a buzzing atmosphere. It is regarded by many as the best outdoor spot to listen to quality music in the summer season.  – Paris Night Clubs 

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